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With a population of 2.4 million, Central Texas is one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. Known for its strong economy, increasing diversity and innovative technologies, it’s no wonder business leaders & CEOs are looking to expand opportunities in the capital city.  

Carving out your place and leading the way requires strategic implementation from the ground up and intentional relationship building with key decision-makers. 

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  • The Next Ten Steps: How to keep going when you can’t see the finish line

  • Summitting Your Saboteurs: Getting out of your own way to clear your path to success

  • You’ve leveled up. Now what?  Identify and transition your valuable skills and leave your comfort zone behind

  • Finding Your “Flow State” For Financial Success:  Managing your time, energy, and mindset for an abundant life

All the Way From There to Here - Diana’s Story 

Born in West Texas and raised in a small border town with limited academic and job opportunities, Diana understands the challenges many face when they want to achieve more than seems possible. With her rich heritage, Diana set out to bring change and voice to a diverse and inclusive segment of her community in her formative years and was actively involved in extracurricular programs and in knowing how systems and government infrastructure worked.  


As her curiosity for solving problems and finding solutions continued to grow, she went on to contribute her skills in advocacy and policy issues, thus beginning her career in servant leadership.  Her quest for knowledge and her curiosity to meet people and experience different cultural perspectives give her insight to look at the big picture while keeping a grounded focus.  From becoming the first Latina elected to represent Williamson County in the Texas State House of Representatives, to running marathons all over the world, Diana’s achievements are indications of her mental fortitude and ability to navigate challenges. 

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