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Running for office is a thrill, getting elected is an honor, and becoming the voice for your community is an experience you’ll never forget. 


It takes courage, tenacity and humility to serve as an elected official, but often, the most difficult challenge is receiving the proper guidance and support you need to navigate this unique position.

Who is this for?

Since our nation began, men have been at the political helm in a large majority. With fathers and grandfathers who served before them, they’ve been indoctrinated on how to run a successful campaign and what to do when you win. Women, however, rarely enjoy access to the same information and are left to figure things out themselves. That’s why Diana Maldonado is passionate about giving women the essential tools they need to successfully run a campaign and govern with confidence. 

What will I learn?

This non-partisan program is designed to give you a framework for success that includes tactical strategies and mindset tools to help you win your seat, influence policy in meaningful ways, and know what to do when you leave office. You’ll not only receive insightful coaching from Diana Maldonado (Formerly elected to the House of Representatives in Texas), but you’ll also meet other influential elected and formerly elected officials who will share their first-hand knowledge and answer your burning questions. 

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This mastermind program is a 6-week intensive program designed for future candidates and the newly elected. 


  • Fundraising strategies – building a runway the right way

  • Creating your brand image, value & elevator pitch 

  • Designing your (well-balanced) life in office and managing your personal finances

  • Assessing the current landscape to have a lasting influence on key issues

  • Understanding how policy is crafted so you can become a good representative

  • Building a sound team of advisors

  • Terming out/exit strategy – beginning with the end in mind so you can make the most of opportunities after office

You'll attend 6 live classes online to participate in lectures, listen guest speakers, and work direct with your cohort. 


Presented by Diana Maldonado,
Former elected official.

As the first Latina elected to represent Williamson County in the Texas House of Representatives, Diana Maldonado knows what it takes to beat the odds. While in office, she authored/co-authored 88 bills and was named “Freshman of the Year” by her colleagues. She secured nearly $16 million for education, $10 million for road expansion, and additional funds for renewable energy initiatives and walking trails in parks. Diana was also appointed to State Affairs and Defense & Veterans Affairs Committees and served in an executive role for the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

The time to start is NOW! The sooner you truly understand how to assess your readiness, leverage your network, and determine the unique features of your political landscape, the sooner you’ll gain the momentum you need to go the distance. 

Sign-up today to secure your spot.

We offer rolling registration and will notify you of your official

start date upon registration.

When you sign-up you secure your spot in the next Mastermind group. You'll receive your Welcome Email along with a questionnaire to complete. We want to know the goals of every participant in the group so that we can tailor the content to your needs and goals.

Total cost for this 6-week Mastermind Program is $2500


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