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With a population of 2.4 million, Central Texas is one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. Known for its strong economy, increasing diversity and innovative technologies, it’s no wonder business leaders & CEOs are looking to expand opportunities in the capital city.  

Carving out your place and leading the way requires strategic implementation from the ground up and intentional relationship building with key decision-makers. 

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Meet Diana Maldonado…

In her expansive career as a long-time Austin political and public figure, a financial advisor for one of the world’s largest investment firms, and a leading voice in Austin’s Hispanic community, Diana Maldonado has an established record for accomplishing the “impossible” while building lasting relationships. 


Her sharp insight for pinpointing incongruencies, combined with her method for listening and collaborating, helps organizations design and implement innovative solutions to accelerate their big vision goals and become the leading edge. 

Maldonado Strategies

Audience and Lecturer

Growing your Business with the Right Relationships

Turning a good idea into a tangible reality often relies on who you know, and working with Diana gives you access to the asset you need most - her trusted network! 


For the past 30 years, she has meticulously built strong relationships with top officials and decision-makers across Central Texas, from industry leaders in construction, health and education, to local legislators and lobbyists. As a natural connector and expert networker, Diana helps you cultivate the right relationships to move your business forward. 


It’s Always the Right Time to Optimize 

Strong leaders know the best time to optimize is when things are already working. (A first-place runner doesn’t slow down to be closer to the pack; they push for a personal best.) If your business is topping out, it’s not time to coast; it’s time to get busy creating a new set point for success. 


Of course, if unexpected disruptions have foiled your best-laid plans, responding with agility  and precision is essential to course correction. 


As a strategy consultant, Diana Maldonado brings a fresh perspective and disciplined approach to help you define solutions unique to your business. Through her detailed assessment process, she identifies inefficiencies, missed opportunities and new possibilities and then maps a streamlined plan strategically designed with your goals in mind.

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"As an advisor, Diana is a thoughtful and active listener who understands how to develop win-win strategies to elevate your business and help create fruitful partnerships. Diana's knowledge of the business community and government entities in Central Texas and beyond are major strengths that can help any business or organization."

Dan Leal | Executive Director | Seedling

All the Way From There to Here - Diana’s Story 

Born in West Texas and raised in a small border town with limited academic and job opportunities, Diana understands the challenges many face when they want to achieve more than seems possible. With her rich heritage, Diana set out to bring change and voice to a diverse and inclusive segment of her community in her formative years and was actively involved in extracurricular programs and in knowing how systems and government infrastructure worked.  


As her curiosity for solving problems and finding solutions continued to grow, she went on to contribute her skills in advocacy and policy issues, thus beginning her career in servant leadership.  Her quest for knowledge and her curiosity to meet people and experience different cultural perspectives give her insight to look at the big picture while keeping a grounded focus.  From becoming the first Latina elected to represent Williamson County in the Texas State House of Representatives, to running marathons all over the world, Diana’s achievements are indications of her mental fortitude and ability to navigate challenges. 



One thing Diana doesn’t take for granted is the fact she’s enjoyed a life and career full of rich and diverse experiences and she’s committed to sharing what she’s learned. Now, Diana shares key lessons from her life and business as a speaker and panelist. 

Making an Impact Through Engagement 

Current speaking topics include:

  • The Next Ten Steps: How to keep going when you can’t see the finish line

  • Pivot Points:  Assessing the landscape early enough to make the right move

  • Collaboration & Contributions:  Recognizing the value of working together

  • Excellence in Enterprise:  Redefining True Leadership 

*Topics can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Would you like Diana to speak at your next event? Send her a message!

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