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What is Diana Maldonado’s Candidate School?

Candidate School is the ultimate resource for professional women stepping into the political arena. Unlock the secrets to becoming a powerful, persuasive, and authentic candidate, while winning over the hearts and minds of voters.


You’ll the master your candidate identity, plus art of managing money, policy, and power strategically and ethically.


Join us at Candidate School and elevate your campaign to new heights of success!

Campaign School will help you...

Get ready, because this is wide ranging!

You’re going to dig down deep into your personal narrative to find your most compelling public narrative.

You’re going to get crystal clear about what to look for in your first three hires for your campaign staff.

You’re going to learn all about compliance,  ethics, budgeting,  all the good stuff through the political lens, but even more important you are going to be an airtight personal brand because you are going to be 100% real, honest, you.

You’ll get a road map that will show you how to talk about yourself, and how to talk to others, in a way that will make them feel at home in your presence.  Voters and key players will feel as though they truly know, like and trust you.

How does Campaign School work ?

You get…

  • Smart Lessons that give you all of the insights you need to lead.

  • Step-by-step training that shows exactly how to work with the public to gain trust.

  • Powerful exercises to instantly transform your public speaking impact.

  • Done-for-you templates & checklists that speed up your biggest challenges & get you going!

  • Live Q&A weekly in our Zoom calls


  • 3 Deep-dive bonus trainings to thrive in office

  • Behind-the-curtain masterclass preparing for your next term or post term steps

  • Lifetime Access

Diana phone.png

Campaign School's multidisciplinary approach of distilling your talent, ambition, intentions, and goals into a rock-solid personal brand backed by savvy political strategies, gives you what you need to win the minds and hearts of voters, the trust of your colleagues, and the backing from your donors.

You’ll also get the essential tools every candidate needs to understand the fundamentals of running a solid race.

Is this right for me?

If you’re serious about winning your election, care deeply about balancing your personal life with your professional ambitions, are hungry for the insights only season candidates have when it comes to running a clean, efficient, savvy race, that empassions constituents and emboldens donors, then yes, Campaign School is right for you.


If you want to lead with grace and manage the core tenets of your position - money, policy, and power with confidence, it pays to gain a deep understanding before you dive in.


This works for professionals ready to jump into politics, & politicians ready to up their game.

What do you get?

This course is created with two big ideas: 

  • Prepare women to run competitive political races with deep, rich lessons. 

  • Do not waste their time. Make it accessible, easy to reference, and fast to learn. 

Our promise to you: We will bring you deep diving lessons that will enrich your race and give you practical knowhow, as efficiently as possible so you can get on with winning!

When you get inside you will find four sections packed with lessons. 

Section 1:

How to Get People to Know, Trust & Like You

aka: vote for you

Section 2: 

How to Get People to Give You Money

aka: believe in you

Section 3:

How to Run Clean, & Finish Whole:

no shortcuts, sleep well


Section 4:

How to Manage Money, Policy, & Power:

foundations of a strong race


In each section, there are readings, lectures, and printable workbooks.  In the end, you will have a binder FULL of decisions made, lessons learned, and resources that will carry you into the future.

Student Benefits

Beyond candidate specific mindset work, brand image polishing, fundamentals of managing money, policy & power, Candidate School delivers on Diana's mission to be the personal resource she needed when she ran and won. 

Candidate School is easy to work into any schedule. With concise lessons, excellent supporting materials, and a format that is easy to follow and easy on the eyes.


Every lesson builds on the last, and in the end, you have a very clear picture of who you are as a candidate, what your winning story is, and how to best position yourself in the public eye.

Beyond creating a solid personal brand, Candidate School delivers all of the foundational knowledge you'll need to run, win, and start office on the right foot  -ahead of the curve.


Who teaches Candidate School?

Meet The Honorable Diana Maldonado, a fierce advocate for empowering women with the insights she wished she'd had as a single mom running for office in 2009. With her unparalleled coaching and guidance, she's here to help you stack the deck in your favor.


By day, Diana serves as the Executive Director of a non-profit focusing on non-partisan voter registration. In her free time, she tackles marathons, contributes to best-selling books, and coaches women leaders poised to shape the course of history in our country. And yes, she always saves room for dessert.


Program Sign-up & Dates

Program launches mid-August 2024

Seats go on sale July 1, 2024

Whether you're running next cycle or sometime in the future... this is where you start.

Commit to your vision, get on our waitlist.

You'll be the first to know when doors open for enrollment + we'll send you a special discount code!

Everyone on the waitlist will be eligible for early-bird pricing.

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Ready to grab the leading edge in your campaign?

Curious about the dates and course content? Join our waiting list and news chain here.

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